Saturday, 11 January 2014

Diabesity: one small hashtag for man, one giant leap in the wrong direction for mankind.

Diabesity?  Really?  Giant. Step. Backwards.



  1. Hi Anna!

    Great vlog! I saw your tweet about this but didn't see the original tweet. I'm with you: for me, it suggests you can't have one without the other, which isn't the case. I think it just adds to the stigma attached to diabetes which, like you said, is a huge step backwards in diabetes education.

    - Vicki.

    1. Hey Vicki, I might make it my aim of the weekend to find it! :)

      Thanks for commenting and I'm glad I'm not on my own on this. I feel it was hugely irresponsible on the part of the tweeter. The last thing we want is that catching on!


  2. I've seen Dr Aseem Malhotra using the term #diabesity. A shame really because I believe he's currently the UK's best chance of sorting out the fructose problems our country - and many others - has. I think it might be worth contacting him about it but at the same time cut him some slack, he's one of the good guys. (Sure you would anyway)

    1. Thanks Kev. I have invited Dr Mahotra to view the video and add his comments. Sadly although 'one of the good guys', it seems on this occasion he has sacrificed accuracy and credibility for a snappy hashtag. One which embodies all that is wrong with media reporting of 'diabetes'; even type 2. If it catches on, we stand to lose all the ground we've spent decades trying to win.

      I will of course be the utmost of respectful, as always :)