Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013: Making friends with Sir Steve Redgrave, The World's Smallest Emergency and turning 27

As we say goodbye to the year just passed and welcome in a new year one, I thought I'd run down the fun and frolics I got up to this year as part of my blogging travels.  So here it is, what Insulin Independent published this year:

In January my life was for a very small moment placed in the greatest of danger (see also: not really) when my body went to battle with an evil cannula, taking with it a fair share of my blood supply.  Luckily, I made it.  It was indeed the world's smallest emergency.

By February I'd had enough of the daily grind that diabetes entails and did what any girl in my shoes would have done; I went shopping.  Fortunately my lack of interest in handbags or shoes meant hubs was happy for me to buy myself a Dexcom with our hard-earned wine and beer money.

In March I attempted my first ever VLOG about steel cannulas.  It went well, I think.  See for yourself.

April saw me climb up a Scottish hill and recorded myself trying to master diabetes at the same time. And I rocked some charming head-gear.

May brought with it the delights of the Animas Sports Weekend.  This time I was asked to stand up and tell my story, one of weight-struggles, diabetes and how I used the skills Animas and Dr Gallen, Sir Steven Redgrave's personal physician, brought me to help start shifting my less-than-lovely love-handles.

In June Insulin Independent interviewed the crazy (but lovely) Roddy Riddle, who competed in the world's toughest foot-race with type 1 diabetes.  Although I doubt we'll ever be jogging partners, I'm still in awe of Roddy's inspirational journey.

July saw old faces, ones long moved-on from my diabetes clinic, come back into town.  Faces who reminded me of my years growing up with type 1, and how their support meant I didn't turn into a total basket-case. Not a total one anyway.  Yet.

In August I took on the deeply profound and socially important subject of face-cannulas.  Be prepared. 

By September Sir Steven Redgrave, arguably Britain's greatest Olympian, and Insulin Independent were on first name terms.  Weeeeelll, in fact he kindly took the time to share some thoughts on his journey with diabetes, and share wisdom on what Dr Gallen helped him achieved.  

In October the bright lights of Barcelona beckoned as myself and some of my favourite diabetes bloggers from around the world met as a group to talk about all things diabetes. My highlight of the weekend (other than the many delicious Spanish wines I tried) was talking about what we

hoped to achieve in the next year. 

In November I bared my soul about my issues with food, overeating, and struggling to battle my diabetes demons. The love you showed me in your emails, in person, and in your comments, overwhelmed me.  

And to round the year off on Christmas Eve, I turned 27.  And looked back at the journey.

Thank you for joining me.  Happy New Year and here's to 2014!

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