Sunday, 20 October 2013

Surfing with diabetes: cosy toes

My recent surfing trip to Newquay with my husband and close friends was a highlight of 2013.  In fact, surfing at any time is a highlight of my year. But while I had the time of my life throwing myself into the waves and trying (with reasonable success) to walk on water, my feet took a bit of a battering.  A remarkably small cut to a toe on my left foot has for the first time in my life had me thinking seriously about my choice of footwear whilst in the water.  After a month of sensible shoes and regular airings, my toe is only now entering the final stages of healing.  Pretty lengthy for a less than 5mm cut from a tiny piece of glass that scuffed my toe.

Knowing how to look after our feet is a lesson all PWDs need to learn but if I'm truthful, I've hardly sat down with a 'Good Footcare' guide and studied the ins and outs of looking after my digits.  I simply make sure that any bumps or scratches on my feet are investigated and if I have a cut I make sure I disinfect it thoroughly. Pretty basic stuff.

But after having watched as the recent cut healed at a frustratingly slow rate and with a fair amount of pain, I decided next time I need to be a little more prepared. So I've decided that for my future surfing trips I am going to be rocking a pair of these:

At 7mm thick they are still flexible enough to feel the board beneath my feet, but thick enough to stop the scratches, bumps and scuffs from any sharp edges the beach can throw at me.  They are also ideal for winter surfing if, like me, you have a tendency to feel the cold.

Check out this site for a reduced pair you may be interested in.


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