Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Driving, hypos and coming clean

In 2011 ripples of anger traveled through the diabetic community in the UK when the DVLA announced changes to the driving regulations for diabetics.  As a result of the changes, any hypo needing 'assistance' (ambulance attendance, for example) needed to be reported to the DVLA.  More than 1 serious incident in a calendar year now results in the suspension of your license.  As someone who suffered my own 'serious incident' this year, it is something I have often thought about; would I tell my team if I had another one?

INPUT, the world's favourite patient advocacy service are hosting the worlds quickest online survey to find out how you feel about this issue.  It will literally take 10 seconds of your time, but will help us uncover what YOU think.

Please check it out, here.


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