Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Medtronic holiday pump loan: Old dog, new tricks

Thankfully Medtronic, my favourite (and only) insulin pump company, have chosen to replace yet another pump belt clip after mine went camping with us in the New Forest and never made it home.  I'm losing count of how many times this has happened now but luckily for me, Medtronic don't seem to mind.

So there I was, ecstatic that the new clip had arrived in time to come away on holiday with us when something in their letter (normally binned without a second though) caught my eye:

Perhaps it was just the word 'holiday' that stood out because in just two short days Jamie and I jet off for our first anniversary two week Scottish Highland adventure, but out jumped a little sentence that may be of interest to anyone who's been on holiday and packed as though Armageddon is coming, just in case their pump dies in on them mid Pina Colada (or Hagis, whatevs).

According to the letter Medtronic, who customer service I have raved about before, now offer a 'Holiday Loan Pump' service.  It seems if you are heading off on your holidays and normally sport your own insulin pump, all you need do is drop them a line 4 weeks before you go and they will help you out with a loan pump as peace of mind, in case yours packs up for any reason.

All you need do is contact the Product Support Helpline on 01923 205 167 and there you have it, simple as can be.

Medtronic, you never fail to impress me!

And thanks for the clip, I'll be in touch again shortly, no doubt.


  1. They have offered this service for 10 years!!

    1. Wow, I've been with them 3 years and never heard of it. Hopefully more people will hear about it otherwise it seems like a wasted resource.


    2. I have just had one for my holiday, waiting for it to be picked up. Great service.
      Bill Nadin

    3. Hi Bill, thanks for posting. Great to hear you are making the most of it.

      Hope you had a fabulous holiday!


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